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Roof maintenance doesn’t have to be complicated. Instead of getting regular repairs on an aging roof or installing a brand-new roof, turn to Schweitzer Spray Coating, LLC located in West Bend WI. We offer spray coating and power washing services throughout Wisconsin and surrounding areas that will add decades to the life of your roof and improve its look.

No matter the size of your roof, we are here to provide you with cost-effective solutions at competitive prices. When you choose us, you choose a team of professionals who use only the best products to deliver results on time and within budget. Depending on the size of your roof, we also offer product and labor warranties.

Roof Coating Services

We bring new life into rusting, leaking, or aging roofs with roof coating services using only top-of-the-line products. Our coatings are designed to prevent further rusting and leaking, adding years to your roof substrate. We use products from trusted brands that we handpicked after extensive research and testing. Learn more about our services and call us to discuss your project needs.

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What Is Roof Coating?

Roof coating is the process of applying a coating to restore or protect a roof substrate. It starts as a liquid and dries to a protective coating. It can be sprayed or rolled depending on the product. We use coatings on a variety of substrates such as metal, rubber, T.P.O., modified, pea gravel and more.

How Roof Coatings Can Benefit You

  • Product
    • It creates a protective layer that prevents further corrosion and wear.
  • Affordability
    • It costs less than a new roof while providing added benefits.
  • Superb Adhesion
    • It uses high-adhesion chemicals that can stick to various surfaces, even rusted ones.
  • Time
    • It takes a fraction of time compared to replacing your entire roof.
  • Convenience
    • It doesn’t require you to stop operations and remove objects from inside your building.
  • Weather
    • It waterproofs your roof and prevents possible leakage.
  • Energy Savings
    • It prevents heat absorption and reflects it instead, allowing cooling systems to work optimally.
  • Fire Resistant
    • It features a Class-A fire rating that results in a fire-resistant roof.
  • Tax Benefits
    • It can be written off your taxes unlike roof replacement, which needs to be amortized over time.

Our Coating Sprays Are Applicable To:

Commercial Establishments
With the right roof coating, you can improve energy efficiency at your place of business with zero disruption to everyday operations.
Industrial Facilities
Whether your building needs a fresh look or extra protection from the elements, our roof coating solutions are a worthy investment.
Agricultural Buildings

You’ve worked hard for your crops and livestock. Go the extra step to protect your assets with our roof coating services.

Power Washing Services

Rain or shine, we are here to provide you with power washing services that will dramatically improve the appearance of your building. We use hot water pressure washing systems, and we make sure the process prevents additional damage to your roof. Contact us today for inquiries.