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Who We Are

Schweitzer Spray Coating, LLC is a family-owned and -operated roof coating company located in West Bend WI providing services throughout Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. We work with local business owners, providing superior services using top-of-the-line products and techniques mastered over the years. People in the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors turn to us for our high-quality work and exceptional professionalism.

Quality You Can Trust

When choosing a coating, it’s all about the statistics in the product makeup and features. We have handpicked the best coatings in the market and tested it against those used by other top companies.

Our product is sure to fit your substrate the best with its high tensile strength, elongation, durability against ponding water, excellent adhesion, and UV protectant retention.

We do not believe in cutting corners, and we don’t use low-quality products to give you the impression that our services are affordable. You get what you pay for, and we want to make sure you can get the most of our services at fair prices. Coatings is much more affordable and practical than replacing your entire roof.

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about the owner

About the Owner

“For more than 10 years, it has been a dream of mine to start a business and become my own boss. I figured that if we spend most of our lives working, why not make a living out of something I’m good at and passionate about? Thus, Schweitzer Spray Coating, LLC was born. Equipped with a carpentry and roofing background and having family in the painting business, I fit right into this industry.

The number one challenge we face in this business is fighting Mother Nature. She’s unpredictable and doesn’t play by any rules. The struggle is real, but I believe in my products and services. It gives me great satisfaction to promote something I believe in, and I thrive on working one-on-one with my customers to deliver amazing results that gives everyone a win.”

– Luke Schweitzer